17 Valentine’s Day Candles to Help You Scent the Mood (No Matter What You Have Planned)

By dassf Feb9,2024

Sparks will fly.

Regardless of your relationship status, Valentine’s Day can feel like a whole lotta pressure. For singles, there’s the pressure of not having a date lined up; for couples, there’s the pressure to out-perform last year’s V-Day festivities. Sure, the holiday can be a lovely opportunity for partners to shower each other with love, at its best. But at its worst, it can be an anxiety-inducing maelstrom of double-booked dinner reservations and ill-received gifts. And if astrology has anything to say about it, this Valentine’s Day could look a little more like the latter… given the cosmic milieu isn’t exactly on par with lovey-dovey vibes.

In fact, astrologers say you won’t be missing out on romance if you’re among those who decide to skip V-Day this year—which, to be clear, will likely be a significant number of people: A survey of nearly 2,000 people conducted by eharmony this January found that 62 percent of single Millennial respondents no longer care about the holiday. And that’s fitting because a red-hot Mars-Pluto conjunction taking place on February 13 could spell trouble for love come this Valentine’s Day.

Looking to better align your celebration of love with the stars this month? You’d be wise to postpone it until February 21, when fiery, passionate Mars and Venus, the planet of love, will form a supportive conjunction in Aquarius.

Why the astrology of Valentine’s Day isn’t so great for love…

Beginning on the evening of February 13 and leading into Valentine’s Day, the Mars-Pluto conjunction in Aquarius will add an extra layer of pressure to the high stakes that can accompany the holiday. The TL;DR? Pluto (the planet associated with death, rebirth, and subversiveness) will come into close alignment with Mars, butting heads with the Red Planet’s aggressive nature.

“When it comes together with Pluto, that [combative] part of Mars is magnified,” says astrologer Stefanie Weiss, adding that this transit will make petty conflicts more likely to arise, which “is just not conducive to all the things that we associate with Valentine’s Day.”

While you don’t need to cancel any concrete plans you’ve already made for Valentine’s Day, Weiss suggests snuggling up at home instead, if that’s still an option. And if you do end up going out, just be prepared for the potential of conflict. The combative energy of Mars and Pluto coming together could raise the energetic temperature of the night, leading to bickering spells between you and a partner or tense interactions where there normally wouldn’t be.

“It’s best to expect the unexpected [on February 14],” warns Weiss, who suggests we all be extra patient that evening and take sour attitudes from others

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