5 Calf Stretches That’ll Loosen Your Tight, Cramped Muscles ASAP

By dassf Feb9,2024

Don’t worry: You’re not destined to hobble around in discomfort forever.

Filling your space with scent can be a powerful thing. For instance, starting your day with a whiff of citrus can wake you up and get you mentally ready for what’s ahead, while sniffing on lavender before bed can make it easier to drift off to dreamland. While candles and sprays are great ways to add scented home ambiance into your routine, a home fragrance diffuser allows you to do it on autopilot.

“A fragrance diffuser is a device that disperses chosen scents into the air, enhancing the ambiance of a space,” says Rancy Wong, the international product manager at doTERRA, an essential oils brand. “Diffusers can be used in any room in the house. Some popular locations are in the kitchen to freshen up a space after cooking, in the bathroom to keep it smelling clean, in a bedroom to diffuse while sleeping or in an office to accompany you throughout your workday.”

What makes these home fragrance devices better than their similarly scented counterparts is that they require very little work—all you have to do is turn them on. There’s no remembering to trim your wicks or having to search for the bottle of pillow spray that’s buried somewhere in your nightstand; they’re “set it and forget it” products that will leave your space smelling its best. Keep scrolling to find out what you need to know before you invest.

Best home fragrance diffusers, at a glance

By dassf

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