A Beginner’s Guide To Using Florals and Botanicals To Boost Sleep and Fight Inflammation

By dassf Feb9,2024

Florals for sleep? Groundbreaking.

Designer jeans, a Dutch oven, and a Dyson vacuum may make the list of things worth dropping a pretty penny on—but IMHO, your first-ever strap-on sex tools should not. And that’s where the Tantus Bend Over Beginner Kit can come especially in handy.

As a refresher: Strap-on sex is the broad name for any kind of solo, partnered, or multi-partnered play that involves a harness and dildo. Though, most commonly, people talking about strap-on play are referring to pegging (a vulva-owner donning a dildo to anally penetrate their partner) or dildo-in-vagina intercourse between two vulva-owners.

“One of the main glories of strap-on sex is that it allows penetration to take place hands-free,” says sex educator Searah Deysach, owner of Early to Bed, an education-focused sex shop in Chicago. While vaginal and anal fingering and toy-based penetration require the use of your hands, strap-on sex puts the penetrative device on the user’s hips, allowing them to use their pelvis and core to penetrate their partner, she says. “This frees up their hands for other kinds of touch.”

Strap-on sex also allows individuals to experiment with using a different size penetrative device than what is anatomically accessible via their fingers or penis (if they have one), she says. Strap-on play can also be a way for individuals to explore their sexuality, play with the expansiveness of their identity, and find gender euphoria, says licensed sex therapist Nicoletta Heidegger, LMFT, host of the Sluts & Scholars podcast. “There are also harnesses that allow you to use strap-on sex to explore double penetration, as well as thigh harnesses that make penetration accessible when it may not otherwise be,” she says. (For instance, this could be an option if the person wearing the strap-on has mobility limitations or uses a wheelchair.)

The thing is, strap-on sex has a much more significant barrier to entry than most other sex acts and positions. Namely, you have to make sure you have the right equipment. As a queer sex educator who enjoys strap-on sex in my personal life, as well as teaches sex education courses for adults on the topic, I have a tried-and-true tip for making the preamble shopping as stress-free as possible: Buy a strap-on sex kit.

“They’re affordable and include all the things you need to have strap-on sex,” explains Deysach. While exactly what comes in each kit will vary, all include a harness, a dildo that is compatible with that harness, and an O-ring that helps hold the dildo in place, she says.

Ahead, you’ll find a look at why strap-on sex kits

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