Doing These 7 Pelvic Floor Exercises During Pregnancy Might Make for an Easier Delivery

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Train your pelvic floor now so you can use it effectively when it’s go-time.

If there’s one thing that gets under my skin, it’s food waste. It’s estimated that in the United States alone, 80 million tons of food goes to waste every year, which is roughly 149 billion meals. But, I get it: life happens. And if I were to say I’ve never wasted food before, it would be a sheer lie. (No, I’m not proud of it. But, again, life happens.)

As 2024 kicks off, reducing food waste is one of my top priorities. So, who better to call upon for savvy culinary tips than Rudi Sodamin, the head of culinary arts for Princess Cruises, who oversaw the production of 10,000+ meals folks consumed a day (!) while I was aboard Discovery Princess—the newest ship in their fleet. It can house up to 3,660 guests and 1,346 crew members, to be exact.

As we cruised from Vancouver, Canada, back to my final destination, Los Angeles, I got to tour the galley and learn more about the concerted efforts the culinary management team makes to keep food waste at bay (pun intended). Ahead we’re delving into a few ways you too can reduce food waste whether you’re feeding a large crowd of thousands or just a party of one.

3 tips for cutting back on food waste when feeding a large crowd (or a party of one)

1. Planning ahead is everything

When meal planning, Sodamin says there are two things you always want to prioritize: the size of the crowd and any dietary restrictions or preferences of who you’re feeding (to account for any potentially unforeseen adjustments). This is where planning comes in handy. “My main recommendation is to spend plenty of time planning—which is just as important—if not more!—as execution,” Sodamin says.

So, how should you get to work? It’s simple: Grab a pen and paper and write your meal plans down, step-by-step, to ensure no ingredient gets left behind—the more detail the better. “Onboard our ships, our chefs work together to make a detailed menu plan for several meals and days at a time. This is based on several variables, including the itinerary and logistics, such as locally sourced ingredients,” Sodamin says. He also notes that you should take into account portion size, to ensure batching is estimated to the best of your ability ahead of time. “You don’t make more than you need. On our ships, our meals are made to order which greatly helps to reduce food waste,” he says.

The folks at Princess also take things a step further by using data to cut back on food waste. “We rely on it to tell us who is ordering what, when they’re ordering, how much they’re ordering,” Sodamin says. Much of this information is collected via their

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