Everything an RD Is Buying at ALDI To Stock Their Fridge and Pantry for a Week of Nourishing Meals

By dassf Feb9,2024

Yes, chef.

You picture yourself with an apron on, a chef’s knife in hand, and a gorgeous array of groceries strewn on your kitchen island. And yet your reality is… a little less glamorous (and involves a lot more takeout).

The first step to bringing your home-cooked vision to life is learning how to strategically stock your fridge and pantry with seriously delicious food—and that’s where registered dietitian Frances Largeman-Roth, RDN comes in: She’s offering up her go-to grocery guide to make your weekly haul more exciting, more efficient, and more attainable… no matter what your cooking skill level is.

According to Largeman-Roth, it’s all about efficient meal planning—and if you follow her simple steps to shopping, your walk down the aisles is bound to feel more like a score than chore. “I always find that a trip to the [grocery] store helps clients [with their wellness goals],” Largeman-Roth says, “because having food that they’re excited to eat in the fridge and pantry makes it easier to stay on track.”

That excitement level depends, of course, on the caliber of your grocery store, which is why finding one that offers both high-quality ingredients and great prices is key. Whether you’re stocking up on plant-forward foods, focusing on protein-rich items, or opting for premium seafood, ALDI has tons of nutritious and budget-friendly options that make the whole at-home chef thing a breeze.

If you’ve ever wondered how a dietitian actually approaches grocery shopping, Largeman-Roth is sharing all her strategies and the ALDI grocery list she swears by for a low-effort, nourishing, and crowd-pleasing menu. Give her tips a try, and you might just turn your apron-clad vision into a reality.

The case for making a weekly grocery run

The best way to ease into your chef era without any overwhelm? Largeman-Roth says it’s grocery shopping with a meal plan in mind. “I find meal planning to be helpful because, instead of opening the fridge and [asking yourself what you’re going to eat], you have options.”

Before the thought of a 21-meal outline sends you over the edge, though, take her advice: “You don’t need to plan out every meal and snack. Three dinner recipes are probably enough to get you through the week. You can fill in with frozen veggies, [prepared frozen] meals, and salad kits, which I always have on hand.”

If ever you find yourself falling back into the takeout routine, consider the wellness benefits that come with filling your cart. “[Shopping] for groceries weekly…helps keep you on track by making sure you always have plenty of fresh prod

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