The 10 Best-Smelling Hair Perfumes and Oils That Double As Luxury Fragrance

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Unlike your typical eau de toilette, these perfumes make your hair smell *and* look nice.

Reducing inflammation through lifestyle habits is always a worthwhile objective—and giving your mind and body the chance to rest regularly is one of the easiest ways to start, says Maggie Berghoff, a functional medicine nurse practitioner and author of Eat to Treat.

According to Berghoff, both mental and psychological stress and anxiety can trigger inflammation. What’s more, heightened physiological inflammation (linked to a range of lifestyle factors, including foods) is linked to higher rates of mental and psychological stress.

Because the relationship between stress and inflammation is a two-way street—or what Berghoff refers to as a “chicken or the egg type of situation”—she says that stress reduction tactics are a key tool in the longevity-boosting toolkit. And to that end, the functional medicine expert is here to arm you with accessible, easy ways to stay mentally and physically *chill.*

How do stress and inflammation go hand in hand?

According to Berghoff, the longer your body experiences episodes of severe stress, the more damage it can cause. “Inflammation in one area in the body can quickly spread to, or influence, the inflammatory response of another area in the body,” Berghoff explains. In the short term, this might come in the form of headaches, irritability, negative thoughts, restlessness, fatigue, and digestive issues. But in the long term, Berghoff says chronic inflammation (whether linked to one’s mental health or not) can lead to serious illnesses, such as arthritis, asthma, cardiovascular issues, and autoimmune concerns.

In other words, chronic inflammation not only affects the body physiologically, but it can also begin to trigger additional reactions, such as psychological stress (and the longer your body is in a state of inflammation, the worse the outcome will likely be). “Depression, anxiety, and other symptoms of psychological stress are often linked to inflammation in the body. It’s the body’s response to external stressors,” Berghoff says.

“Depression, anxiety, and other symptoms of psychological stress are often linked to inflammation in the body. It’s the body’s response to external stressors.”

Research shows there’s a link between stress-related increases in C-reactive protein (CRP) (a protein made by the liver that increases with inflammation), pro-inflammatory cytokines (signaling proteins that help control inflammation in your body), and depression.

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