This 2-in-1 Retinol Body Cream Is a Great Treatment for Dull Skin—And It’s Nearly Half Off Right Now

By dassf Feb9,2024

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True story: I once took a genetic test that told me I have the “sleepy girl” gene, which means that I need to sleep more than the general population to feel rested. In turn, I feel I am genetically predisposed to advise you about pajamas. Soft ones. Feather-light ones. And my favorite ones of all—cozy ones. As somewhat of a PJ professional, the best cozy pajamas for women are all defined by three main things: the material, the fit, and the finishing details.

Below are 15 luxury women’s sleepwear sets that tick off all those boxes: they’re made with the right materials, fit like a dream, and have thoughtful touches that look good in and out of the bedroom. Whether you’re a hot sleeper who needs something to stave off the night sweats, a chilly sleeper who needs something to bundle up in, or a fashionable sleeper who wants their pajamas to double as streetwear, there’s a set for you. Sweet dreams!

The best cozy pajamas, at a glance:

By dassf

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